Are you excited to be engaged but unsure about how to plan your wedding?

I feel you. You are not alone.  Let's take a deep breath, sit down together, and talk for a moment ok?

Go ahead and grab a coffee...I'll wait.

Hi there! I'm Kacie!! I would like to be the first person to welcome you to

Chantilly Lace Wedding Company (CLWC)


My company focuses on: 


If you are seeking a company that can give you a one of a kind, memorable, stress-free experience, AND take the fear out of the planning, look no further.

Chantilly Lace Wedding Company is exactly what you need so click on the Learn More button to read more about me and my company.


Let me tell you a story...

As a young girl, I dreamed of being a Disney princess, dressing in a big ballgown and going to a ball like Cinderella. I would line up my 20+ barbie dolls in their gowns and choose one special barbie to wear the white ball gown.


Then she and Ken would walk down a really long  aisle where they would get married and after they would go to their own reception and dance together at their wedding. You know, I think deep down, you want to be that Disney princess too- to be royal, to be glamorous,  to have your very own wedding that is truly unique and beautiful. 


If you are here, then you are probably engaged and it’s time for you to plan your wedding to the man of your dreams, and you realize that you need help. Like many other brides before you, you probably have been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl. 


Of course, you don’t want just anyone to help you plan your wedding, you need someone who can truly understand your vision, your desires, and your heart. You want your wedding to be perfect, therefore the person you hire to help you needs to be the perfect fit for you. 

How am I doing so far? Does this sound like you?  Well hang on and follow me into a wonderful world of wedding planning! ​

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Bridal Bouquet


My goal when you work with Chantilly Lace is to get you to LET GO of the stress and not worry about anything, TRUST you are in good hands, and at the end of the process,  FEEL like your wonderful celebration has personal touches full of love, lavishness, and drama that gives off a one-of- a-kind ambiance that is unique to you.

If you have waited for this special moment your entire life and want to make it the most lavish and over the top experience that anyone has ever experienced at a wedding, then you will love Chantilly Lace Wedding Company! 


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