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Consulting is an online service and offers unique customized guidance and advice to clients all over the U.S.

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Wedding Consulting

Online Service

Every bride could use a little guidance in the wedding planning department. 

This service is for you if you need help and guidance but don't necessarily need or want a wedding planning, design, or coordination package. 

You just want someone to talk to that can lead you on the right path, keep you on track, and help you fill in the nitty-gritty details.


Wedding Planning & Design

Southern Louisiana

This service is for the bride who needs more than guidance can give.  You need someone to partner with you to make your wedding happen.  

Partnering with me means that you are my number one priority.  Every detail for your wedding is attended to and you can relax knowing that nothing will be lost, forgotten, or overlooked.

If you want a partner in planning and designing your wedding, be sure to check out the different packages that I offer.  

Final Details & Coordination

Southern Louisiana

You are the bride who has got it all together.  You planned your own wedding and you are proud of it. 

Now, all you need is someone to nail down and confirm all the last-minute details and final selections. 

You also want someone on-site for the entire event, who is not family or friends with you, to be responsible for running the show, executing the wedding that you worked so hard to plan, and for handling the little emergencies that inevitably arise.

This is where a professional coordinator comes to the rescue and that's exactly what the Silver Package can do for you!

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