Elite Package

Starting at $15,000
(Recommended for a $150,000 wedding budget)

Girl, this package is luxury at its finest. 


You are looking at this package and I KNOW that you are a diva...a glamorous and stylish over the top queen of the world kind of woman.  You want the bells and whistles, you want to pull out all the stops and go all out for your wedding! 


Here’s how Chantilly Lace can make that happen for you so that you feel like Kim Kardashian or Meghan Markle.  


CLWC will strategically create a completely unique luxury experience for you and your guests that leaves them speechless, going the extra mile with sophisticated service, unmistakable excellence, and extraordinary guidance throughout the creative process from start to finish.


Here are the 9 processes included with THE ELITE PACKAGE:

  • The Discovery Process    

  • The Welcome Process    

  • The Venue Selection Process

  • The Design Process    

  • The Planning Process    

  • The Pre & Post Wedding Parties Process

  • The Coordination Process    

  • The Post-Wedding Process


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