Partial Planning & Wedding Day Coordination Package

Price starts at $2,500

(Recommended for a minimum $25,000 wedding budget)

You are looking at this package and I KNOW that you are your own kind of woman.  You want to be in control but you still want help.  You want to be hands-on but you still want someone to be there for you holding your hand, answering all of your questions, and giving you guidance about the next steps you should be doing.

Girl, I’ve got you!

Here’s how Chantilly Lace can make that happen for you so that you feel like you can focus on simplifying the choices, being present, soak everything in and be 100% worry-free. By being detail-oriented and thinking about the small things you never would think of, I can Gently guide you through the process By using specific processes from conceptualization to realization.

CLWC will create a completely unique experience for you and your guests that leaves them speechless, going the extra mile with sophisticated service, unmistakable excellence, and extraordinary guidance throughout the creative process from start to finish.

*This package DOES NOT include Event Design Services or Pre & Post Wedding Party Planning Services

Here are the 6 processes included with this package:

  • The Discovery Process    

  • The Welcome Process    

  • The Venue Selection Process

  • The Planning Process    

  • The Coordination Process    

  • The Post-Wedding Process

If this sounds like you, Submit a Wedding Inquiry to reach out to me about your wedding or keep reading to learn more about each process.


The Discovery Process

 This is the very beginning of the journey. 

This is where we initially meet and get to know one another.  

I learn about you and you learn about me.  You tell me about your wedding details and I tell you about what I do and my process.

By the end of the Discovery process, you will be able to have all of your questions answered by walking you through the entire process and being prompt to relieve your concerns so that you can have an amazing stress-free process knowing I am 100% on top of things.

Elegant Wedding

The Welcoming Process

 Once all of the steps in the Discovery Process are completed, then you and I will move into the Welcoming Process. 

You will receive a digital Welcome Packet from me and we will meet for an initial consultation to discuss your wedding budget and the next steps in the planning process.  

By the end of the Welcome Process, you will feel like you are my only client because I took the time to get to know you, your personality, likes and dislikes, and was responsive to your needs ultimately giving you a huge sigh of relief.

The Venue Selection Process

This is the point where I will scout for venues, schedule tours for you and I, and then nail down your chosen venues that you want to book for your wedding.

Wedding Day
Events Table Set Up

The Planning Process

From the start and throughout this entire Planning Process, I guarantee that you will  feel like royalty and should be  prepared to be given special treatment throughout the entire planning process.

 I will hold your hand, answer all of your questions, communicate next steps in a prompt manner, and do what I can to go the extra mile for you so you can Relax, enjoy and soak up every minute.

The Wedding Day Coordination Process

This process begins 2 months before the wedding and doesn’t end until the wedding weekend festivities have ended and everything is torn down, cleaned, and back to its original condition.

In the Wedding Day Coordination Process, I Ensure that: 

-Nothing slips through the cracks by paying attention to every detail

-I help you stay on top of deadlines with venues and vendors.

- Everything is thought of and that multiple backup plans are ready to go

I make it a practice at being fully present and in the moment, encompassing dedication, hard work and unmistakable excellence at every level so that you can enjoy every step of the way, focus on having fun, and have more peace of mind.

Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Album

The Post-Wedding Evaluation Process

You know what they say, “You’re only as good as your last client says you are.”  

If this is true, then it’s crucial for me to know what you thought about your experience with me.  I can’t get better if I don’t know what I did wrong, what I missed, or what I could improve on. 

If I’m giving you chills down your spine, we should really talk about how CLWC can set your wedding up to succeed so you feel like you are in great hands. 

If you are moved by what you just read above, if you have a really good feeling about it and are ecstatic about the prospect of working together, give yourself the greatest wedding gift of all and Submit a Wedding Inquiry today!