Use the 5 senses to design your wedding and wow your guests

When designing your wedding to wow your guests, you should start with the 5 senses and ask yourself questions about how your guests will be using their senses at your wedding.

Here's an example of how I would design a wedding for guests using the 5 senses if my clients were wanting an "Enchanted Evening" theme.

What do I want my guests to see throughout the entire event?

As each guest arrives, they are greeted by a sparkling, glowing fairy that instructs them to continue down a cobblestone path lined with fresh flowers and fireflies and they see dancing fairies fluttering around while they walk through an enchanted forest to get to the ceremony area.

What do I want them to smell?

As they walk into the ceremony area from the enchanted forest they could smell the sweet scent of pine and evergreen as they take their seats. After the ceremony, guests would smell the sweet smell of apple as they enter an enchanted apple orchard reception area.

What do I want them to hear?

As they are seated for dinner, they hear the happiest sounds of music play while the dancing fairies take their place on the dance floor to entertain your guests as they eat. They hear laughter from their children as the fairies make comical gestures to them in a playful manner.

What do I want them to touch?

As guests make their way around the venue, they take a seat on the special soft plush lounge chairs placed around the venue that makes them feel so whimsical and childlike, that their inner child begins to come out and play.

What do I want them to taste?

Once their inner child is out and ready for adventure, you could introduce them to the food and dessert delicacies of a far-off place that you once traveled to that made you feel enchanted and childlike, knowing that your guests would never get to experience on their own. You can bring a whole new world of fun, intrigue, and delight to their faces so that they never forget the experience that you created just for them.

This is how I would start and the design would grow from there. The details would start to come together as I envision what senses the guests are using throughout the entire event at every turn.

Thanks for stopping in to read my article today! I hope to have more design ideas coming out soon. I'm just getting into blogging so my content may be rough around the edges but that's just me trying to figure out how to write about the designs I see in my head ya know? I really enjoy sharing with the world but I just need to learn how to do it. Patience and practice are key!