• Kacie LeBlanc

“How To Plan A Wedding” 60 Day Video Series - Day 2 - The Overview

In this episode, I discuss a bird’s eye view of everything I plan to cover in this series over the next 60 days (aka: 8 weeks)! I want to be open and transparent with you so I have decided to walk you through my entire planning process as if I were planning a wedding for you!

I will take you through my mini-processes and give you action steps, tips, and even throw in some FREE resources when the time is right.

By the time I am done giving you everything, you will be saying, “Kacie, you are my girl!” If you would like to chat, pick my brains or see if I learn more about the services I can offer you to help you plan your wedding, you can set up your personal Discovery Call Consultation by clicking here:


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