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“How To Plan A Wedding” 60 Day Video Series - Day 7 - Creating Your Wedding Budget

Updated: Mar 12

Hey friend, welcome back! Today’s episode is all about the money and the numbers! Yay! I love this part! Yes...I know what you are thinking, “Weddings are supposed to be pretty and fun!” or “I don’t really need to do a wedding budget because, in the end, it will all go perfectly anyway.”


Tune in to today’s video to learn more about

  1. My best tips for creating and following your wedding budget

  2. What a wedding budget breakdown looks like in numbers and percentages

  3. A complete walkthrough of how I take my clients through their Wedding Budget Creation Process

  4. How to get my FREE Wedding Budgeting Guide as a resource to help you create your own personalized wedding budget

  5. What services I offer should you need more one on one guidance and support for your wedding budget or planning process!

By the end of this video, my goal is for you to feel confident and at ease knowing that you know everything about preparing and creating your very own wedding budget, you know how to track and follow your wedding budget, you have my FREE Wedding Budget guide to help you so you can make sure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten about in your budget, and you know how to get extra help and support if you need someone to guide you through the Wedding Budget Process.

I know that numbers and money are not everybody’s favorite thing but I want to leave you better than when you came today, feeling inspired and encouraged so that you feel empowered, knowledgeable, and in control of your wedding planning process.

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Happy Wedding Planning,

Kacie LeBlanc

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